Compact Protocol Analyzer (Async) [LE-1500R-E]

Compact Protocol Analyzer (Async) [LE-1500R-E]

Price: US$999.00

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Volume Weight: 2900g

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  • Designed for ASYNC communication
  • Max Speed 500Kbps (full duplex)
  • Capture memory 32MB, Max 16GB SD card or USB flash
  • Analysis timing troubles
  • Signal voltage measurement
  • 760g, A5-size, battery driven 7 hours
LINEEYE protocol analyzer “LE-1500R” measures ASYNC communication.
It has the sufficient measuring functions, such as Line Monitor function, Simulation function and Bit Error Rate function.
Also, it has the arbitrary speed setting, logic analyzer function and Auto save function without any options.

Key Features

Measure up to 500Kbps. Speed is freely set to 4 effective digits.
Have RS-232C/422/485/TTL interfaces as standard and support Current loop communication with an option.
Auto Save function saves measured data in the SD card for long hours. Logic Analyzer function and RS-232C signal voltage measurement function.
Able to have a measurement test of high-speed communications up to 500Kbps (half duplex and full duplex). Using high precision DPLL technology for open baud rate support, transmission and reception speeds can be separately set to an effective 4 digits.

Support RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485 and TTL(1.8-5V) as Standard Feature

RS-422/485 interface is the detachable terminal block. It is possible to connect the RS-422/485 cable directly to the terminal of analyzer.
To measure TTL, an optional TTL probe cable (LE-5LS) is useful.

Auto Save... Long Recording Time

The auto save function makes it possible to continuously save up to 8Gbyte. It automatically saves the content of the capture memory on a high capacity compact flash (CF) card. And it continuously saves data into the measurement log of a user-specified file size, using ring recording as long as the card has space. In addition, it is useful for identifying rare communication failures of the unknown cause.

Logic Analyzer Analysis And Signal Voltage Measurement

Communication line timing is analyzed and displayed as a logic analyzer display to a time resolution of max. 50ns. The new function of signal voltage measurement ensures ease of the voltage measurement of RS-232C signals in places where tester probes cannot reach smoothly.

PC Link

Measurement data can be used on the PC with the light edition of the PC link software attached to the analyzer, a free text conversion software or a free print data acquisition software. The PC link software supports USB connection and Wi-Fi connection (Wi-Fi function is supported only in Japan, USA, and Canada), and remote measurement is possible by connecting multiple analyzers at the same time.

Note: The light edition of PC link software limits it monitoring time for 10 minutes and the number of files of text conversion (at the same time) up to 3. The full edition of the PC link software "LE-PC300R" (available as an optional product) does not have these limitations.

Online Monitoring

The online monitor feature records communications data in the capture memory and provides an easy-to-understand display for the type of protocol, without affecting the communications line. The analyzer records not only communications data but the time (time stamp) of transmissions and receptions as well as idle time. Therefore, failure time and timeout status can be checked.
The trigger function detects the specific conditions and you can select bit transfer sequence and polarity, depending on the test.


With the simulation feature, the the analyzer acts as the counterpart to the target device and performs transmission and reception tests according to protocol. Even in the early stages of development when matching devices are not available, tests can be run at near to actual operating status. MANUAL mode checks the communications protocol step by step.
Communications speed can be freely set. Therefore, margins can be evaluated by intentionally shifting communications speed, and error response processing can be checked using test data that mixes in data with parity errors.
  • MANUAL Mode
  • FLOW Mode
  • ECHO Mode

BERT (Bit Error Rate Test)

BERT support enables you to measure transmission quality of communications lines by a loop-back or interactive connection. It is possible to measure evaluation parameters (bit error count, block error count) conforming to ITU-T G.821 Notification, hence enabling bit error rate evaluations and fault point identification. Elaborate test patterns and functions such as bit error forced interrupt are comparable to dedicated equipment.

Standard set includes:

Protocol Analyzer, Dsub 25pin monitor cable(LE-25M1), USB cable, AC adapter, Utility CD, English Instruction manual, warranty

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